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Briar White is an artist currently based in Scotland.

Briar is waiting impatiently to be taken away by hags or bitten by a vampire. While they wait, they enjoy drawing pictures.

You can peruse more of their work here...

Briar is currently obsessed with making comics.

They struggle to fall asleep at night, as this is when their brain wakes up and starts planning more comics. You can read them here...


Briar also loves to share far too much about the ideas behind their comics and work. They cough their soul up over on their Patreon, which they are treating as a mildly unhinged blog.

You might remember Briar as the artist previously known as Becky Peel. They're still very much the same person, it just takes a while for the paperwork to go through after the fae steal your name, apparently. Come say hi...

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