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Hello, there!

You found me! My name is Briar (they/them), and I'm an artist currently based in Scotland. I studied 2D animation in Cardiff before landing a job at Cloth Cat Animation. During my time there I made my way onto the development team where I had a wonderful time working on concept art, design, animation, and a few other bits here and there.


I left in 2020 to become freelance and to work on my own projects, which has been both scary and the best time ever! I'm at my happiest when I'm creating my comics or bringing characters to life (not in a necromancy way). I tend to communicate a lot of what floats around in my brain through my art, so a lot of my recent work has blended topics such as queerness, mental health, and burnout with the fantasy and horror worlds I enjoy inhabiting.

If you can't find me drawing frantically at my desk, I will likely be playing D&D, reading a gay book, writing something down, or running around outside hoping to be consumed by the Scottish mists.


If you would be interested in working with me, or if you have any questions, please contact me using the box below. Thank you for checking out my work! 


You might have known me once as Becky Peel. Hello again! It's still me! I made a terrible warlock pact and my previous name faded away; apologies for the confusion.

Come Say Hello!

Thank you, you're a peach!

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